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It's been about Four decades since the herpes cure studies have started, but sadly every vaccine has failed and each HSV medication can only assist with herpes symptoms but not the root cause of herpes. It is a well known fact that herpes is really a virus that, once contracted, permanently stays in the nerve system skin cells in the body of a human. It may be in an active condition and cause outbursts and other well-known discomforts, or it can lay dormant for years waiting for the right moment to appear. However it does not matter if the herpes simplex virus is in active state or not, due to the fact in any case it is infectious and can be transmitted to others via sex activity or pores of the skin.

Learn More About Herpes Simplex Virus, Its Symptoms And How It Is Transmitted

Soon after becoming infected with herpes virus most people find out soon enough that there is no U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION accredited cure for herpes. Medical professionals typically suggest antiviral medications that in some cases can shorten outbursts and decrease the quantity of breakouts each year. On the other hand those prescription drugs are not a cure for herpes virus and have severe side effects.

- Antiviral drug treatments can easily lead to side effects and gradually damage immune system.
- Antiviral medications decrease the risk of infecting other people with herpes virus, but they will not terminate that risk.
- Most medications needs to be taken each day that can be expensive.

So is there the right way to beat herpes virus?

New analysis shows that immune system can manage herpes virus so it won't provoke any discomfort and there won't be distressing outbursts. Healthy and balanced life-style is an important for herpes patients since it is the best way to improve immune system and boost overall well being. Doctors recommend doing the following things to be able to beat herpes virus:

- Stop smoking cigarettes
- Avoid consumption alcohol
- Add more uncooked fruits and veggies to your daily diet (always remember, that some uncooked item including nuts, seed products and so on. might cause outbreaks)
- Stop consuming caffeine, energy products and sodas
- Do anti-parasite cleanse
- Consume alkaline waters with high pH level
- Get enough sleep at night (no less than 7-8 hrs each night)
- Keep control of the amount of stress and anxiety

Don't forget that big changes in life-style might result in a pressure to a body and cause severe flare-ups.

Recently we have witnessed development in herpes cure medical studies. Dr. Christiane Buehlern (who lived with oral and genital herpes before) and Dr. Ken Languin completed 479 trials and found a way to use immune system not just as a defensive system to maintain herpes virus in an non-active state, but to get rid of herpes simplex virus from the nerve cells by separating protein IP-47 from them. Dr. Christiane Buehlern was able to eliminate the hsv simplex virus from her body in just 25 days. Although the following research had not been publicized in professional medical magazines yet, Dr. Buehlern decided to go public with it and help as maNy men and women as is possible. As of now there were more than TWENTY-SEVEN thousands of individuals that effectively eliminated herpes simplex virus from their body.

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